Donnerstag, 18. Mai 2017

Switzerland looses 215 Mio CHF due to financial support to deep-sea vessels

FC - Guarantees for deep-sea vessels: sales agreements signed, dispatch on supplementary budget issued
Bern, 18.05.2017 - On 16 May 2017 the Federal Council issued a dispatch on a supplementary budget of CHF 215 million francs to the finance committees of the two parliamentary chambers. On 18 and 19 May, the head of the Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research EAER will inform the finance committees of the National Council and Council of States on this matter. The supplementary budget covers the Confederation’s potential losses resulting from guarantees issued in respect of twelve ships owned by the SCL and SCT groups, and for a further ship that formerly belonged to the SCL group. Sales contracts for ships currently owned by the SCL and SCT groups were signed this week, and a solution has potentially emerged for the formerly owned by the SCL group.

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