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Scholarhips: Energy Systems in Transition and Sustainable Mobility (Summer School)

Scholarhips: Energy Systems in Transition and Sustainable Mobility (Summer School)

Sunday, 11th June 2017 – Saturday, 1st July 2017

Dear Madam or Sir

The Swiss Study Foundation is organising a European Campus of Excellence summer school on “Energy Systems in Transition and Sustainable Mobility“ from 11th June to 1st of July 2017 in Switzerland. The course will take place at the EPF Lausanne and ETH Zürich. We invite 30 excellent bachelor and master students from all over Europe to particpate.

The summer school is organized in collaboration with the Swiss competence centre for energy research « Efficient technologies and systems for mobility »  and the energy centre of EPF Lausanne.

The summer school provides a unique setting for students to deepen and enrich their knowledge on energy and to get to know each other as well as the experts and thus to build a network across Europe. The small number of attendees offers ideal learning conditions in world-renowned scientific institutions. The school is free of charge and the travelling as well as lodging costs will be taken care of. Applications are accepted from students performing studies at European universities (Israel, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey included) or students studying outside Europe and holding European citizenship. Participants will be selected based on academic merit.

More information on the course can be found under

Students can apply online on

We would be very grateful if you could advertise the summer school at your university and pass the information to students who might be interested. Thank you very much for your help in publicising the course.

Yours sincerely
Silvie Cuperus

Schweizerische Studienstiftung
Dr. Silvie Cuperus
Scientific coordinator
Manager of the Werner Siemens Stiftung Program and of the European Campus of Excellence
Merkurstrasse 45
8032 Zürich

T +41 44 233 33 12

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