Montag, 6. März 2017

Geneva protest over Credit Suisse’s alleged Dakota pipeline funding

 Around 100 people demonstrated outside the Credit Suisse offices in Geneva on Thursday attacking the Swiss bank’s alleged funding of firms involved in the controversial Dakota Access oil pipeline project. The bank denies the allegations. ‘Trump is destroying the planet, Credit Suisse is an accomplice’ read one of the banners being waved at the demonstration in central Geneva on Thursday, organized by activist groups, unions, left-wing parties and Greepeace Switzerland. The campaigners called for investors like Credit Suisse to stop funding firms involved in the US pipeline. US President Donald Trump supports the project, claiming it would provide better connections between Dakota oil producers and refineries on the Gulf coast. However, opponents criticize the fact it is due to run through traditional grounds of Sioux native Americans, with fears it could pollute the water table in the region. Greenpeace has sharply criticised Credit Suisse for funding companies ...

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