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How some EU states harm Swiss interests

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Fr 03.03.2017 21:22

European Union member states and the EU commission have taken 200 measures that have harmed the Swiss economy since the beginning of the economic crisis in 2008, a study has found. However, 37 measures were however found to be favourable, according to the study, conducted by the University of St Gallen’s Global Trade Alert. By October 2016, 151 of the harmful measures and 23 of the beneficial ones were still in effect, revealed the Swiss public radio SRF programme Rendezvous on Friday. The study, led by Simon Evenett, professor of International Trade and Economic Development at the university, was recently published in the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (Seco)’s economics magazine Die Volkswirtschaft. In terms of the 200 measures, Evenett told SRF that “none of those measures directly target Switzerland. Many of them are collateral damage or knock on effects from measures that these European governments have taken to try and stabilise their economies”. He ...

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