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Swiss banks criticised for palm oil involvement

Swiss banks criticised for palm oil involvement
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Swiss banks, including Credit Suisse, should take a closer look at palm oil companies with which they do business, say two Swiss charities in their latest campaign.  Bread for All and the Swiss Catholic Lenten Fund said Swiss financial institutions were among those approached by palm oil businesses looking for capital for new plantations. However, setting up these new plantations repeatedly involves violating human rights and environmental standards, the NGOs said on Tuesday.  Environmental campaigners in Switzerland and other countries have focused attention on the palm oil buying practices of companies around the world to gauge their commitment to buying and using sustainably produced palm oil.  Palm oil comes from palm trees that only grow in the tropics, and it is used in a wide range of products, including margarine, baked goods, chocolate, soap and lipstick.  Environmentalists object not so much to the palm oil itself, but how and where it is produced – more ...

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