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Swiss security contractors active abroad

Swiss security contractors active abroad
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So 19.03.2017 17:45
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Private Swiss security firms have carried more than 400 missions abroad over the past 18 months according to data from the foreign ministry. About one in five missions was aimed at supporting the local armed forces or police or maintenance of weapons systems, the ministry confirmed on Sunday. Nearly 50% of all cases involve the protection of people or property as well as private detectives. Such mandates outside the Swiss borders have been subject to approval by the foreign ministry since 2015 to prevent human rights violations. The authorities opened a formal procedure in seven of the about 400 requests, two applications were withdrawn and one case is still pending, the ministry said. However, it declined to give further information. Reputation Overall, about 30 private security contractors have been active abroad, notably at Switzerland’s diplomatic representations. The costs to hire private companies are about CHF7 million annually ($7 million). Switzerland ...


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