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Tibetan refugees unhappy with Chinese nationality

Tibetan refugees in Switzerland unhappy with assignment of Chinese nationality by Swiss authorities
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Around 400 Tibetans gathered in the Swiss capital Bern to commemorate the 1959 uprising against Chinese forces in Lhasa. They also expressed anger at being categorised as Chinese nationals by the authorities.  As of June 2015, all refugees from Tibet are automatically assigned a Chinese nationality on their residence in permits in order to conform with Switzerland’s official position on Tibet being a part of China. Prior to this, resident permits bore Tibet or Tibet (China).  “Since Switzerland does not recognise Tibet as an independent State but considers it as a part of the territory of the People’s Republic of China, these denominations were false and had to be corrected,” a spokesperson for the migration office (SEM), told  These older permits (the migration office estimates there are around 350 of them) are “corrected” when they come up for renewal causing emotional turmoil among Switzerland’s Tibetan community, Europe’s largest. “We ...

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