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German coach operator fined for ‘facilitating’ cheap travel

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Fr 17.03.2017 11:33
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The coach company Flixbus has been fined by the Swiss transport authorities for allowing customers to travel cheaply within the country in violation of laws on international route operators.  On Tuesday, the Federal Office of Transport slapped FlixMobility – the German parent company of Flixbus – with a fine of CHF3,000 ($3,014). It claimed its service from Lyon in France to Constance in Germany was being used by customers to travel within Switzerland at cheap rates.  The route includes stops in Geneva, Bern and Zurich, which opened up the possibility of cut-price domestic intercity travel for CHF20. For comparison, a train ticket to travel from Geneva to Zurich costs a minimum of CHF44.50 (with a half-price rail card).  Currently, it is illegal in Switzerland for a foreign company to transport goods or passengers between locations within the country – a practice known as cabotage.  While Flixbus agreed to pay the fine, it denied that it violated the cabotage rules.

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